Friday, January 1, 2010

like puzzle pieces from the clay

Someone please explain to me why there is a huge hype about the turning of a year? I understand, yes we all made it through another one without fucking up the world and all of humanity didn't swirl to an unbearable end, but all this bs about change and a new start irks me. Do you need a calendar to tell you to change? Why don't you just quit the fucking around, face life like a man (no sexism intended) and change when you want. Change on May 23 or on August 4th, if thats when you notice you started failing in life again. Then again, I am probably contradicting myself when I say this, because I myself have many hopes for this upcoming year. Even if there is not much of a difference on December 31 and January 1st, as in I am the same person, I have my wishes for this new year. Hopefrully, I won't be the same day-dreaming, never acting person that I am. Something's gotta happen this year.

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