Thursday, March 5, 2009

its just

Skeletons love hearts. Pictures, Images and Photos

mind over matter
You are my very own black plague, a disaster of epic proportions. But you know what, they got over the black plague, with help.

-- "Numbers remind me of math, science, and things that get in the way." I have 3 projects due on Monday, $0.00 as my account balance,36 red smarties beside me; there are 18 days until I get to leave this place, 34 days until I ride a limo, buzzed and watch the Queen of Pop, 37, until I have the worst night of my life, and I get 10 extra minutes to sleep in tomorrow.

and I'm praying with all my might, on every single one of the billion stars outside, that there's
1 thing

that i can erase from my memory

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