Wednesday, March 18, 2009

you think your so hot, oh you bigshot.

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"You are all pathetic self-righteous bigots who couldn't separate intellectuals from drunks if their very lives depended on it."
Your appalling chauvinistic existence is an insult to those of us who are trying to live our lives with appreciation and gratitude. Appreciation towards what, you ask? Towards nature, I say. Appreciation towards the undeniable beauty of our planet, our lives, the very fact that we exist. As I speak, your face turns blank, all expression erased. Who am I to expect you to comprehend these words; these words I have thought long and hard upon, waiting to unleash upon willing ears. I am sure it is beyond you to even appreciate the simple nature of things. So what do you do? You crack another beer. You sit there on the cement, looking exactly like every one of your friends. Whatever happened to originality, I ask. What ever happened to not listening, not giving a fuck about anything except your friends and where you are sleeping that night. Where in time did the line that divides your precious scene of pseudo-bohemian outcasts from the rest of the population become so blurred that you cannot see the one, major flaw in the way you live? It’s pointless. Your life has become a simple circle of sleeping, drinking, and repeating. Fuck school, you say, who needs that. I never learned nothing in school. Laughing, you take another sip of beer. In my head, I am yelling. I need school; I need to do something with my life. I need to prove to everyone, and most of all myself, that I can be somebody, I can do great things, and I can go places. I live each day suffering with the inadequacy of my existence, and well, quite frankly, I've had enough. I've had enough of seeing kids on the street shooting up, or date raping themselves. I'm sick of having to say no when I am offered cocaine, or acid, or whatever your friends' current drug of choice is. It’s fucking pathetic. You are fucking pathetic. You have this outrageous superiority complex that you completely undeserving of. What the fuck is so great about going out every night and doing a bunch of drugs and waking up the next day with a complete stranger? Does that make you better than everyone else? Do you really think you are that special? Let me tell you. If you honestly think, that you and your friends are above everyone else; if you believe for some preposterous reason that you are better, you are wrong.

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