Sunday, August 16, 2009

a little bit of this.

Good morning,

In the past two weeks, my mind has been filled with the tedious rhythmic drones of taking cookies off a tray and placing them in plastic containers. I work for eight dollars and fifty cents an hour so I can maybe spend a couple hundred on makeup and clothes while some of these fellows beside me work so they can eat and pay for rent. Its easy to see education is the easy way out in the long run. I'm doing good in school, and I will forever do good in school because I know what I am capable of, and its more than icing cookies all day. I realize how difficult life is and am on edge about the next few years in the transition to becoming more independent as I near my 'future.' Blanche Mcdonalds tuition is around 15,000 dollars, and I want in. I know cosmetology will not be my sole career path, but for one it is my hobby and passion. I don't know if its worth it though, I mean, I have to spend a lot more time in the bakery if I want to say no to a student loan.
Work means time and things get out of the way, I mean I missed Warped Tour this year. Huge sadgasm, and I feel as though I would have had a really good time if I went. Also at work I've met a lot of new kids. Shit son, really everyone smokes weed now a days. It doesn't bother me in a weird way, but I dislike ciggarettes. I mean everyone at work smells like shit. Quite frankly, its gross. I don't know. Time has been moving pretty fastly slow for me so in the end, I just dgaf.

PS, for that private caller who called me three times at 5 am, sorry for missing your call. I love people who call me at random times in the night because it screws around with my head that someone actually wants to talk to me, even if its some drunk bastard, I mean, you managed to dial my number? Hah, my mind has been an epic fail of a place lately and I think its due to some sleep deprivation and lack of interest in life.

And to conclude another pointless blog entry, I wanna say stop drinking the hatorade and start drinking the bubble tea, because Peter Chao makes my life.

Good night.

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