Monday, September 21, 2009


Because pedophile doesn't describe him, neither does hot ass pedophile, of course the words that came to my mind were sexgod... I hate the time of the month. Seriously, God made the female human way to moody and complicated and especially dedicated a time for the month so we can be exponentially moody and complicated, not to mention covered in pimples or whatnot.

Anyways, its that time of year again, school has returned and I haven't had a shift at the bakery in ever. Deep down I'm worried that they have like secretly fired me, which would suck man balls because I thoroughly enjoyed the cash flow. I realize school is less painful this year, ten times more bearable than the previous hell I spent ten months of my life in. Its true that the people you're around affect your happiness, but happiness is a personal decision, that's right outside my window. I can wrap my hot little hands around it and try to hold on to it with my life, but I guess, it's really never that simple. I feel as though I'm finally content with my place. This is where I fit at school, and I have nothing to complain about. It makes me question the reason why I want to switch schools. I feel as though I'm not getting anywhere at this school, and that a new school will change that. Maybe it won't, maybe it will be worse than Carney. Who knows, but in this moment I hold my future. I can make the choice. I can maybe conduct some sort of change. I realize I'm thinking way too much about this, I'll let this year continue and see what happens.

"dont just live life like a routine, because its not"

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