Sunday, March 28, 2010

love is all you need

The Beatles definitely had it right, all you need is love.
Why do we do anything in life? From taking a walk in the park to cleaning dirty diapers, love really makes the world go round. Everyone in the world is looking for love. Love in religion, sex, drugs, friends, tv's, computers, anything and everything. Love generates happiness, which in turn generates the meaning of life. There's a reason why six year old girls grow up searching for a Prince Charming and why it's always embedded in our minds to find someone we can be with. This is because love is found in the greatest earthly form through humans being with humans. Through family, friends, strangers. Why do teenage girls stress out about their dress size or how their butt looks in those rockin republic jeans? Because it brings acceptance. Everyone wants to be accepted, wanted, loved. Its crazy when you think about it. The reason why anyone does anything on earth will cross paths with love. It may not always be the right way shape or form, but what else is there to do on earth that's meaningful than sharing our lives. Everyone needs love, but many people don't get it.
Recently just watched that movie Precious and tears came to my eyes as I realized how fortunate I am. I can't just sit here while these things happen. When people are being exploited for cheap chocolate and kids are dying for lack of food while countless amounts of food here are being thrown away like it's dirt. What can I do? It driving me insane how immobile and idle I am being, I need to find a way to make a change. God didn't give me an amazing life for no reason. Lives like mine aren't handed out like flyers downtown. I am going to do something. I know I can because I'm lucky, and it's not fair that other people are living lives of brutality just because of fate. I'm going to find a way to do something. I will.

Ps. make a wish.

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